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Napwon urge contractors to prioritize drainage systems

By Aweye Teddy Onam


National Minister of Environment has called on contractors to prioritize the implementation of a robust drainage system throughout Juba, as the government embarks on expansion of the city roads.

Josephine Napwon Cosmas emphasized that its crucial to safeguard the environment and protect the city infrastructures heavy rainfall and floods.

Speaking at the launch of road infrastructure expansion project in Juba, Napwon said there is a need to increase drainage system as waste accumulation on roads during rain seasons can be a significant issue.

“If we are building new roads, or opening new roads, we need to prioritize the drainage system,” she said.

She emphasized that the development of cities like Nairobi and Kigali today is largely the responsibility of the people and government, and South Sudan should follow suit.

“When we travel, we go to Kigali or Nairobi, we always admire their cities, this is because the national government puts its effort so we also need you to take this as an initiative.”

The environment minister further urged the government to take this initiative seriously to ensure its citizens enjoy the same environmental privileges as other countries.

“Let us not just launch the project and we go and relax because sometimes there are many projects that we have launched so far in South Sudan but the implementation becomes very hard, let us start, let our people see we can launch it but implementation should be taken seriously,” she said.

Juba City has been grappling with lack of proper drainage system along the residential areas and most roads become impassable during rainy seasons due to flooding.



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