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About 9 million people on brink of disaster-Minister

By staff writer


South Sudan’s Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management discloses that about 9 million people are vulnerable to humanitarian crisis, this year.

According to minister, Albino Akol, these include internally displaced people (IDPs), refugees, and returnees.

“In this year 2024, we have about 9 Million people that are going to be needing humanitarian assistance this will need a lot of resources,” he said.

Speaking during a donation of tents by the Chinese government on Wednesday, the minister said a projected $1.8 billion is needed to serve the vulnerable population across the country.

Minister Albino emphasized that without displacement and destruction of livelihoods, production would have been boosted and the country would not suffer.

“Our economy is not progressing because our people are so affected by natural disasters such as climate change and conflicts where many are displaced, the impact has made production of goods and services down,” he said.

“If our people are not affected, we will see production taking place and issues of food security will not be a problem, floods, and conflicts have displaced many communities leaving in agony.”

Meanwhile, the undersecretary of the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, William Chan Achuil stressed the need for urgent action to save the affected population from the humanitarian dilemma.

He highlighted the tense situation of the vulnerable population in affected areas, including shortages of food, shelter, health, and access to water.

Mr. Achuil appreciated South Sudan’s humanitarian partners for their efforts in helping the suffering population.


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