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Rescued baby dies

By Aweye Teddy Onam


In a sad turn of events, the abandoned baby who was recently rescued by local authorities at Lainya County, Central Equatoria state of South Sudan has passed away, the commissioner said.

The young soul was cut short on Wednesday at Lainya Hospital, leaving many grieving, and authorities there investigating the circumstances that led to the baby’s death.

“It looks healthy but of course, you see, a newborn baby, the umbilical cord was not cut well, we suspect that maybe too much cold might have been a factor that has infected, maybe some bacterial infection and others,” Commissioner Emmanuel Khamis told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday.

Khamis said the mother is currently being kept in custody and investigations are ongoing.

“The law says if someone has killed someone, though we have no ground to prove and we have not concluded that she has killed but once it reaches that stage, we will be able to inform you what the law says,” he added.

The story of the abandoned baby captured the attention of both residents and the wider public.

Found in dire circumstances, the baby was found Tuesday morning crying near a toilet by neighbors, sparking a wave of concern within the community. The child was collected and taken to Lainya County Referral Hospital; for care.

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