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Man found dead in Aweil  


By Hou Akot Hou


A man identified by his only initials as Garang was found dead in the forest.

Residents at Nyalath Payam in Aweil Center county said the deceased is a mentally retarded man who was missing for days until he was found lying dead in the forest on Thursday.

Abuk Deng Lual, one of the eyewitnesses said they were shocked to learn that the mentally ill Garang was not seen for days until people found him dead.

“We could not make it out as to what killed him but it might be hunger or thirst as he took days without eating anything,” she narrated.

Ms Deng said authorities in the Payam launched a search when the information was delivered about the missing person but people who were clearing the garden found him in the forest.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner of the Aweil Center County, Mr. Peter Natale Okech told the public to be cautious about their sick patients.

Natala said people who have mentally ill patients should give necessary support rather than allow them to mill around or move anyhow without proper care to them.

“I want to tell you those who have their sick people like mentally retarded individuals like that one who has died to be serious about their lives. You can’t change your sick person with a well-to-do person of another person. If your relative or family member is sick. Always give good care-giving,” he urged.

Natale said a post-mortem was carried out and was realized that he might have died of hunger or thirst.

He said this latest development amounts to three cases of such deaths as a man was found dead in December with remains only found and another person at Ayuang in Aweil town till they were taken to cemetery in Nyalath which is outskirt of Aweil Town.

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