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Two die, 3 others in Rumbek accident

By Yang Ater Yang


Two people and three others sustained injuries in an accident between Maleng-agok and Pacong Payam in Rumbek East County yesterday.

The vehicle was traveling from Wau to Juba, passing through Rumbek and Yirol West County.

The incident occurred when the vehicle collided with motorbikes, causing the deaths of the two motorists on the motorcycles.

Lakes State Police Spokesperson, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac said the other two passengers from the vehicle tried to jump out, sustaining serious injuries.

“Upon its arrival to a place known as Meen-wel then the vehicle collided with motorbikes leading to the killings of 2 motorists, those who were traveling on those motorbikes. They died on the spot and the other 2 passengers from the vehicle tried to jump out and they sustained serious injuries,” he said.

“They broke their legs and they are being evacuated from the hospital and they will be transferred to Rumbek State for medications.”

The injured passengers broke their legs and were being evacuated from the hospital.

He said the victims involved were two SSPDF wounded heroes, Sergeant Major Elijah Bagic Maluaal from wounded heroes and a civilian, Dok Malual Gol.

“The incident occurred before they could reach their destination, where they were trying to visit a woman in a maternity Ward waiting for delivery.”

He said after the incident, relatives tried to revenge on the passengers, and SSPDF forces intervened to scare people away from attacking the passengers.

“One of the attackers was caught by gunfire and was shot wounded in his arm by the bullet, an immediate relative of the disease.”

The police spokesperson added that the driver, Tong Mayuen Yel, is currently under arrest for investigation.



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