News, Northern Bahr el-ghazal

Over 20 teachers detained in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou


Police in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State are detaining over 20 teachers who reportedly rioted at the Ministry of Finance due to salary cut.

One of the teachers Albino Atem Bol said they attempted to approach the minister of finance to sort out their issue with the national salaries committee but they were denied access.

The team arrived in the state last year.

Mr. Atem expressed regret for the arrest and torture of teachers while they were searching for their rightful possessions.

Atem said it is something very unfortunate for teachers to have been arrested and tortured when they were looking for their rightful possessions.

“They said some of the teachers vandalized the office but we were just peaceful and they are now saying we were violent and that’s why they opened a lawsuit against us instead of us dragging them to court,” said Atem.

Another teacher, Abuk Juach Akot, reported that the Committee was supposed to resolve their issues, but the police began to exhibit abusive behavior.

“They even some of us teachers seriously and now being nursed. And some of them around 27 are being incarcerated and will be charged according to them,” Abuk reiterated.

Some of the teachers say that the Ministry of Finance staff have started blocking them instead of allowing the committee to clear the mess.

Attempts to reach out to the state minister of finance were futile.


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