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Youth encouraged to embrace leadership

By Charles K Mark


Young people have been encouraged to assume leadership roles and actively participate in peacebuilding efforts in a bid to foster positive change in society.

The call was made on Friday during commemoration of the Martin Luther King Day in Juba.

Animu Athiei Risasi, the founder of the Animu Athiei Foundation, emphasizes the crucial role of the youth in combating racial injustice and inequality.

She urged young people who constitute a significant portion of the population to to reflect on their potential contribution to South Sudan as a nation rather than relying solely on its support.

Animu tinted the significance of the upcoming elections viewing it as a critical juncture for youth to make a difference, stressing that youth should be allowed to enhance their capabilities, foster self-assurance and actively engage in initiatives such as voter education and registration.

“Also, because we are having a constitution-making process, I think young people can determine how they want to be ruled,” Animu said.

She called on the youth to also step in and fill in the gap and take the lead in the ownership of the country’s young population’s lives.

“I think that everything starts with a dream, even for me for example, fighting for inclusive societies, ensuring that statelessness ends, equality, nationality and citizenship rights,” Animu mentioned.

“So the dream for Martin Luther King was he was committed to making sure that there was an equal America where race was not a factor, gender was not a factor, and made sure that his actions aligned with those visions.”

She emphasized the importance of justice, liberty, and prosperity for the country’s youth.

Animu further advocated for the rule of law, ending impunity, and upholding rights to association, political freedoms, nationality, and a court of law.

The entrepreneur believes that building a rules-based society will help achieve these dreams, regardless of the cost.

She said that marginalized communities, such as people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and gender minorities, cannot fully participate in society, stressing the need to create an equal and inclusive society with a rights-based approach, regardless of the time, resources, or energy required.

“And we must do our best, whether it is time, resources, energy consuming, we must ensure we create an equal and inclusive society with the rights-based approach,” she added.

Meanwhile, Peter Awongo, Chief Executive of the Trueline Africa Limited Company said his dream is to see a corruption-free South Sudan where the rule of law prevails.

“I dream of a South Sudan where young girls are protected. They can go to school, study, and graduate work and have a choice of marriage,” He mentioned.

Mr. Awongo said that the government should place priority on social infrastructural development from schools, roads, electricity, and public spaces to move the country forward.

He urged the government to support private sector enterprises, promoting economic growth and job creation.

“I also have a dream of a South Sudan where citizens of this country choose their leaders based on merit and integrity,” Awongo said.

Entrepreneur Awongo advocates for organized forces that serve the interests of the people, protecting the territorial integrity of South Sudan.

He called for unity among citizens and the government to implement such policies, believing that such policies would be incremental and that citizens should engage with leaders.

Awongo said through the engagements, a peaceful South Sudan can prevail, where people draw strength from diversity and no inter-communal violence.

He believes that these efforts will lead to a more harmonious and peaceful society.

“People fighting; one tribe against another. This will not take us forward. I am very sure that the leadership is also thinking about a future that is good for us,” he said.

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