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Grant Magwi Commissioner Justice- Activist

By Aweye Teddy Onam


Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) has called on authorities to ensure transparency and due justice in the Magwi County Commissioner David Otto’s case.

CEPO’s Executive Director, Mr. Edmond Yakani is concerned about human rights violation in the delayed justice for the County Commissioner.

“We urge the Ministry of Justice, Judiciary, and political leadership to address the case of David Otto,” Yakani said in a statement extended to this outlet.

“He deserves a fair trial and should be presented before a court within the legal timeframe” he continued.

Commissioner Otto was initially accused by two individuals regarding the deaths of businessmen in Magwi County.

Yakani explained that following the lifting of his immunity, Otto voluntarily reported to the police in December 2023. However, he remains detained without facing any legal proceedings.

“Despite reporting himself and the lifting of his immunity, Commissioner Otto has been held in Juba Central Prison for an extended period,” Yakani highlighted. “This raises concerns about the legality of his detention and adherence to due process.”

The vocal civil society activist emphasized Otto’s right to a fair trial and bail until proven guilty.

He also called for the protection of the Commissioner’s rights as an accused individual, regardless of the allegations against him.

Meanwhile, concerns have emerged about the potential politicization of the case.

Omeo youth chairman in Juba, Oryem Moses told this outlet in an earlier interview that the demand by the complainants for compensation from the Acholi community before Otto’s release raises questions about the fairness of the process.

“The demand for financial compensation from the Acholi community before Commissioner Otto’s release is concerning,” Oryem said.

“This practice sets a dangerous precedent and could be perceived as tribal targeting.”

Oryem however confirmed that the Acholi community is willing to contribute to Otto’s bail, but the complainants’ refusal to release him until the money is paid raises concerns about the motivation behind their demands.

“Acholi community commits to paying SSP 85 million and $19,000 to secure the release of Magwi County Commissioner, David Otto Remson,” he said.

Mr. Oryem hinted that they are trying to raise the funds to secure Commissioner Otto’s release.

“However, the condition of payment before legal proceedings raises questions about the true nature of the accusations” he lamented.

The case of Magwi County Commissioner David Otto highlights the importance of upholding due process and legal principles in South Sudan.

CEPO’s call for transparency and adherence to the law is crucial to ensure justice for all parties involved.


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