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South Sudan Bar Association unveils election schedule

By Aweye Teddy Onam


South Sudan Bar Association’s Elections Committee disclosed Tuesday 16th January 2024 as commencement timetable for election process of its presidential candidates.

Chairman of the Elections Commission, James Paulino Lado during a press conference held on Monday in Juba, announced the timetable for nominations of candidates for presidency of the Bar Association.

“This announcement is an open invitation to all individuals intrigued by the prospect of running for the prestigious position of the Bar Association’s presidency,” he declared.

Lado stated that the timetable will run from January 16 to February 26, including the publication of a list of licensed lawyers eligible for candidature.

“The Bar Association has inclusively considered lawyers licensed by the end of 2023 for the process. It is an earnest call for interested candidates to visit the courts, absorb the election schedule, and envision their potential role in leading the Bar Association,” he noted.

He further said several courts in Juba will be involved in the democratic exercise, with schedules diligently posted on bulletin boards for public viewing. The transparency of this process is designed to foster trust, encourage participation, and enhance the democratic fabric of the Bar Association.

Following the publication of the lists, Lado clarified that there will be a three-day window for appeals, ensuring fair opportunity for all potential candidates, and the final lists, adorned with electoral numbers, will be published, marking the conclusion of this stage of the process.

“Following the appeals period, decisions will be made on those appeals. Subsequently, the final lists, containing the electoral numbers, will be published,” Lado stated.

The election committee chair said the subsequent stage will be the nomination process for the union’s presidency, vice presidency, and central committee.

He added that aspirants can avail themselves of the nomination forms from the committee’s office, signifying their formal intent to run for the aforementioned key positions.

“This democratic exercise, steeped in tradition and integrity, will undoubtedly shape the future of South Sudan’s Bar Association.” He expressed.


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