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Life kisses while it bites

Every day you traverse the rough terrain of life. On most days, the ground feels pretty damn flat. You get up each day at a certain time, you have a specific place to go to, you see familiar faces, and you have some expected role to play. You see people, some sad, others happy.

For some people that you meet, some don’t even care to know what you are currently going through. You probably appear to them as an image and they will still go about with their daily businesses without any slightest idea that you exist.

Most of these people that you meet have got different stories to tell if you were to sit down and talk. There is that one who has just lost his job. There is another one who got the new one and he is happy as he is walking. There is this one who got 4 “fs” in an exam and his world has never stopped. There is this man who lost his loved one two days ago and is going to the restaurant to eat. You get to meet these people daily and you wonder why they don’t care to know your story, at least they will be sympathetic, of course, they will, but do you know their stories too?

This life is a mystery and somehow, I feel it was beaten seriously before it was given to you and you have to pay for everything before this life leaves you. It is always a journey that leaves you with tears in your eyes and sometimes, you don’t understand which part to take in the game of life and which to leave.

For each one that you meet on your way in the morning, they are running after something or maybe, there is something chasing them and you don’t need to know because you have yours too. You know the story of the gazelle and the lion. The lion wakes up in the morning with only one prayer, “God give me food this morning”. The gazelle asks for something different, “protection” because this animal knows that when there is life, there is always going to be food.

But you know what, the gazelle happens to be the food for the lion and their survival is going to be determined by how fast or slower each one of them runs, if the lion runs slower than the gazelle, it will miss food and the vice versa. This is life.

You are not always going to be lucky and most times, you are not going to win. I don’t mean to say that you should not try. Of course, you have the cards in your hand and have always kept them closer to your chest but something is always going to come along.

If I can ask you now what your plan for this year’s plan is, maybe the only thing you will tell me is to work harder than you did last year. Maybe you want to get a good job and make your loved ones happy but life is going to come with disappointment. It could be something like sickness or loss of a loved one.

There are things we hate to see or experience in life and because we cannot control them, they will happen even if you don’t want them. You will try anything humanly possible to avoid and control certain things but you will soon realize that you are human and you have to let them be.  The truth is, you cannot buy or paint a beautiful life, even the world’s richest people have never done that because there is something that makes them uncomfortable and it is the knowledge that they will never live forever to enjoy their wealth. You have only one chance to live this life before it leaves you.  Be happy; be grateful for what you have and where you came from. It is all that matters.





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