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Corrupt officials put on notice

By Mamer Abraham


Acting governor, who is also the and deputy governor of Upper Nile State has warned state officials against corruption.

Ayong Awer Lual, while addressing a workshop on the role of public officials and civil society in combating corruption.

He said fighting corruption is a collective responsibility.

“Fighting against corruption is a national duty, which means everyone, including the public, must fight against corruption,” Ayomg said.

Upper Nile State has been suffering from waves of violence since 2013, but now stability has returned across the state and people have started returning to the state capital.

In November 2023, Governor Odhok urged communities in Upper Nile State to shun violence and live in peace.

The Upper Nile State gubernatorial press hailed the efforts of the governor to unite communities, noting that his efforts have resulted in peaceful coexistence.

Odhok was directed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit during his swearing-in to curb conflict in Upper Nile State.

“You have a bigger task ahead of you, especially improving the security situation in the state. The peace that Pope Francis emphasized must be maintained to foster stability and development in our country. I will reiterate again that my government will never return the country to war under my watch,” Kiir expressed.

The Upper Nile State governor promised to restore peace and stability in the state during his tenure, saying he would carry out numerous youth conferences to ensure that his goal was met.



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