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Dilapidated Nimule immigration office frustrates Yakani

By William Madouk


Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), is perturbed by outdated immigration office at the Nimule border, saying it portrays a negative image of the country.

Edmund Yakani, while speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, said the working conditions at the border post are deplorable.

“The standard of our immigration office in Nimule does not portray the image of the country,” said Yakani.

“In the sense that the office of immigration in Nimule is below required standards,” he continued.

He added that the office has un-functional old computers with no power and air conditioners, forcing staff to do work manually.

“While they have un-functional old computers in their offices and their working environment is not conducive,”

“Their offices don’t have ACs, they don’t have power, they are not clean, they are dirty, and the offices are very old; they don’t have chairs for citizens to sit on in order to undergo the registration process,” the activist stated.

He blames the director general for the directorate of immigration, the minister of interior, and the inspector general for police for neglecting the Nimule Immigration Office, leaving it in a sorry condition.

“My blame goes, one, to the director of immigration in Juba, to the IGP, to the Ministry of Interior, that they care about the income generated by the immigration office in Nimule, and they leave that office to be below standards,” he slammed officials.

“I’m appealing to his Excellency President to ensure that the Minister of Interior, the IGP, and the Director of Immigration are directed to go and visit the Nimule office and immediately take responsibility for upgrading the office of immigration in Nimule,” he urged.

According to him, the immigration office undermines its name and changes the image of the country as an area where foreigners enter the country.

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