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Driver arrested over fatal accident

By Yang Ater Yang


An ARC Road Construction Company driver has been apprehended by authorities in Lakes State, following a tragic road accident resulting in the death of an elderly man in Awerial county.

The Lakes State Police Spokesperson, Major Elijah Mabor Makuac, confirmed the incident, stating that it occurred at approximately 9:00 PM.

According to official reports, the unfortunate incident unfolded when the vehicle belonging to ARC construction company struck the elderly man, leading to his demise.

The driver of the vehicle was promptly detained by the authorities for further investigation into the matter.

Spokesperson Mabor shed light on the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“This old man came purposely to Guolyar after his daughter was enveloped by somebody and he just came to follow up this case with his in-laws. But unfortunately, at night in the evening, he fell into this tragic incident that took his life.”




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