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Fear grips Rumbek East as armed gangs hit again

By Yang Ater Yang


Communities in Paloch Payam, Rumbek East County of Lakes State are living in fear of further attacks and looting following recent incidents by suspected armed criminals from neighbouring Unity State’s Panyijar County.

Lakes State Police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor confirmed the escalating tensions.

On 13th January, the suspected armed criminals killed two people and injured two others between Lueel and Paloch.

“These criminals, suspected to be the same group who killed two and injured two others on January 13th near Lueel, struck again on January 17th,” stated Maj. Mabor.

“They raided homes, stealing grain from a Paloch resident and cattle from Chol Majok, a police corporal.”

The police spokesperson expressed concern about the ongoing threat.

“These criminals are still at large, disrupting security along the Panyijar border” he stated. “We urge communities to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.”

Mabor explained the group’s modus operandi: “They target homes, stealing food when they’re hungry. If someone resists, they fight. Otherwise, they take what they want and disappear.”

According to him, these disturbing incidents have been happening since the rainy season.

“And we fear it will only worsen in the dry season if they’re not stopped.” Maj. Mabor alarmed.

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