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South Sudan Football Association should reconsider Club names

By Gatkuoth Nangdor Riak Karay


In a bid to promote the rich cultural heritage, the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) should review and discuss the names of some football clubs in the Country.

It has been noted that certain club names, such as El Merriek, Salam, and El Hillal, have already been used in some parts of the country and should not be repeated. Instead, there is a need to embrace names that reflect the diverse cultural identities of the various regions in the country, such as Kator, Munuki, and Bentiu City.

The importance of preserving and celebrating cultural heritage cannot be overstated. It not only strengthens the sense of identity and pride among the people but also serves as a reminder of the rich history and traditions that have shaped the nation. Football, being a popular sport in South Sudan, provides an excellent platform to showcase and promote these cultural values.

By using names like Kator, Munuki, and Bentiu City, football clubs can pay homage to the specific regions they represent. These names hold significance and meaning to the local communities, fostering a sense of belonging and unity. Moreover, they serve as a source of inspiration for young players, encouraging them to embrace their cultural roots while pursuing their passion for the sport.

The SSFA should take the lead in facilitating discussions among club owners, officials, and stakeholders to address this issue. It is crucial to ensure that the names chosen for the clubs are respectful, inclusive, and representative of the diverse cultural fabric of South Sudan. This will not only enhance the image of the clubs but also contribute to the overall development of football in the country.

Furthermore, involving local communities in the decision-making process can help foster a sense of ownership and pride. By seeking their input and suggestions, the SSFA can ensure that the chosen names resonate with the people and reflect their cultural values accurately.

writer is a Bentiu City SC and Munuki (Snake) fan in Juba.

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