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Vegetable scarcity grips Magwi

By Odoch Ben Sylvester


An increasing population in Magwi, coupled with climatic changes, has led to a high demand for green vegetables among consumers.

However, despite the willingness of customers to purchase these vegetables, scarcity prevails in the market.

The head of the green market vendors, Rebecca Otim, spoke to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper and highlighted the challenges faced by both vendors and consumers during this dry season.

She explained that the scarcity of vegetables poses a significant challenge in the market, leaving women with limited options for cooking.

Otim mentioned that the scarcity sometimes leads to scrambles and quarrels among women when greens are brought to the market by local sellers.

The absence of rain has made it difficult for farmers to cultivate vegetables, exacerbating the problem.

The value placed on green vegetables is significant, as they are considered essential for their nutritional value and body-building properties.

she emphasized the importance of green vegetable growers from different Payams, such as Obbo, Palwar, and Lobone, supplying the market vendors in Magwi to meet the growing demand.

“Women are lacking green vegetables in the main market. Sometimes women scramble and quarrel when greens are brought to the market by local sellers due to its scarcity. Rain has stopped, and that’s why women lack green vegetables like “kapusa”, Sukuma wiki, and others. I urge men to dig and plant some vegetables on the riverbanks to help the local population.”

For her part, Scovia, a green market vendor, added her perspective, suggesting that men should provide additional financial support to their wives during this dry season to address the challenges at hand.

She urged customers to purchase whatever greens they could afford, despite the higher prices.

The scarcity of vegetables has led to a significant price hike in the market. Previously, a heap of greens could be sold for 200 SSP, but now it can cost as much as 2,000 SSP.

Magwi main market heavily relies on vegetable supplies from Obbo, Palwar, and Lobone.

The scarcity of green vegetables poses a pressing issue in Magwi, affecting both vendors and consumers.

Efforts from growers, supported by men planting vegetables along the riverbanks, are needed to address the scarcity and meet the increasing demand in the market.

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