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Crocodile devours 8 goats in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou


Authorities in Kuom Boma, Nyalath payam in Aweil Center County of Northern Bahr El Gazal, are raising concerns about a crocodile that has been preying on goats near a local stream.

The Boma administrator, Garang Wany Liai, revealed that the reptile had been lurking in the stream, patiently waiting for goats to approach before dragging them into a tunnel within the waterway.

According to Wany, this unsettling situation has been unfolding since October of last year, resulting in the loss of eight goats to the crocodile.

The repeated attacks have instilled anxiety and fear among cattle keepers in the area, as some residents worry that humans may become vulnerable to this wild animal.

Although the Wildlife Department in Aweil has been notified about the issue, there has been no response so far, leaving the locals frustrated.

Wany emphasized that the delayed decision has prompted them to consider taking action to protect themselves against the persistent threat.

“These eight goats that the crocodile consumes belonged to a resident called Garang and Kuom River has not submerged well this year. So, what happens is that the little water in the stream is what the crocodile hides in and waylay the goats and it is troublesome indeed” said Wany.

In the absence of a response from Wildlife officials, the community is contemplating killing the crocodile, as it is now perceived as a potential danger.

However, the Wildlife Conservation Department advises against such actions, warning that killing wild animals may contribute to their extinction, jeopardizing their preservation for future tourism purposes.



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