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SPLM rolls out Youth training in Lakes

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State Governor, also the chairman of Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) party in Lakes State, officially inaugurated a Youth to Youth Engagement training.

Speaking at the event, Governor Rin Tueny Mabor, said the achievements of the SPLM party since 2005 and highlighted the need for continued service delivery to the people.

“We have made significant progress since 2005, but our people require more. It is the responsibility of the youth to ensure the delivery of services. That’s why we are heading towards the general election so that we can elect leaders who are committed to serving our people, leaders who have not resorted to violence, and leaders who will not take shortcuts,” Governor Mabor stated.

He further explained that the SPLM party has chosen President Salva Kiir Mayardit as its flag bearer because he embodies the leadership qualities they have sought since 1983.

Mr.  Mabor further addressed rumours about his candidacy for the governorship, clarifying that if the SPLM nominates him as a candidate, he will participate in the primaries.

“We are preparing for primaries, and some of my colleagues in the executive have been talking a lot. I am ready to compete in the primaries. We are not here for the electoral college of 2010; we are here for the primaries,” he affirmed.

The governor encouraged the SPLM members to engage with other parties peacefully.

He reassured them that if other parties approach the election process peacefully, there will be no intimidation or obstacles in Lakes State.

Kuol Atem Bol, the Secretary for Caucus Affairs at the SPLM National Secretariat, led a delegation from the National Secretariat to empower the youth through the youth-to-youth engagement program.

He highlighted the importance of the training, which aimed to equip the youth with skills and knowledge gained from a 21-day training program in South Africa.

The training covered election strategy, preparation, and social media in preparation for the upcoming December 2024 elections.

Deputy Chairperson of the SPLM National Youth League, Ayar Deng also joined the team in Lakes State.

He explained that the initiative was being carried out in all ten states and two administrative areas.

The team aimed to share their experiences, skills, and knowledge with the young people of Lakes State to ensure peaceful and well-informed citizen participation in the upcoming elections.

The training program was designed to create an enabling environment and promote discipline, commitment, and effective communication among the youth.

It emphasized the significance of every vote and encouraged active participation in the electoral process.

The SPLM party reaffirmed its dedication to the upcoming elections and its commitment to serving the people at all levels.

The four-day training brought together SPLM youth representatives from eight counties within Lakes State.

It aimed at mobilizing and engaging participants, trainers and mobilizers, to prepare for the forthcoming December 2024 elections.


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