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In leadership, many are called, but a few are chosen

Like the Bible says many are called but few are chosen, this is exactly what happens in leadership. So many people walk with their heads 2 meters above their necks that they are leaders, and indeed they are. You know what, they are leaders until leadership itself chooses who is a leader, and abandons who is not. If you have not understood me, then I’m saying, everybody is a leader until leadership itself rules one out.

Leadership has become a fashion that every person must wear but its acquisition and maintenance are as hard as leaving it when told to leave it. The funniest part of leadership is that a leader is a leader, and when he/she becomes a leader in service, all the qualities he/she possesses keep disappearing with each evil move to stay in power for long.

By the time a leader realizes a great loss of his/her support by the citizens, he/she will have remained with zero qualities of a good leader. Leaders are both born and trained, but if it happens that born leaders also get trained adequately on how people are led, they would become the most demandable leaders to lead people. When opportunistic leaders seize power, they always overstay in power to make sure they acquire what will sustain their grandchildren and seal their corrupt acquisition of wealth by installing their children in public offices to protect them in case an uncalled-for happens to them.

Of all the qualities of a good leader, two outmaneuver; decisiveness and immediate action. An indecisive leader remains a leader by name and, not by nature because it’s a decision that makes leadership weightier and beautifies it to outshine other leaders.

A leader who never acts immediately is a leader whose population shallows day in, and day out because a fatal incident may occur and when no immediate action is taken, it can cause atrocities. Because of this, a now-action leader is always preferable.

Another thing that wraps all the qualities of a good leader and throws them away is the lack of implementation of decisions made. Like Praise George says a decision not being acted on for a week or so becomes forgotten, a decision not being implemented is a decision being forgotten for good because it is being pushed away by newer and burning decisions.

So many South Sudanese, including myself, love leadership so much, that very much Arabs cracked a saying that when you place a chair in the sun and call a South Sudanese to sit on it, he/she can’t refuse as long as you call him/her a leader. The overriding question is, what is it that makes many leaders be called and only a few leaders chosen?

The answer is simple. The more genuine the leader is in decision-making, the higher the chances of him/her being chosen. Conversely, the more ingenuine the leader is in decision-making, the lower the chances of him/her being chosen. Be a genuine leader to be always chosen.

It is not too late for a bad leader to change and become a good leader and it is not too late either for a good leader to get promoted to the rank of the best leader. Lead with just so that you be amongst the few chosen.

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