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We are punctuated by how our stars shine

Whether in a big or small family, everybody is born equal. Princesses, princes and children of peasants are equal at birth. While still unborn, God prepares your future, and because the future determines who one wants to be in life, God locks it up in a room not far from your own brain. As He (God) locks it there, He doesn’t detain the key to that room. God hangs the key in your brain, particularly in the area of dreams and actions.

As a child, the search for the key commences with your little thoughts and actions. It is this stage that rhymes with the Bible verse that says “God helps those who help themselves”. It is in this same stage that your God-given star begins to blink, and as it does so, your parents or outsiders who desire to build future leaders intervene to help you brighten your star to a level it can be seen by the world.

Here now comes the difference, those whose stars shine are clearly punctuated by those whose stars give no glow. Unlocking the room where God has locked your future in is hard, very hard that 80% of people die unknowingly and 5% die trying it while 15% succeed in unlocking it. How is it unlocked? One may ask such a question. Although I have not unlocked mine, but currently unlocking it, I may provide an answer.

After finding a key with a clear interpretation of dreams and putting them into action, it is unlocked by trials of those dreams you have dreamt about. It is unlocked by consistency in chasing those dreams you have in mind. It is unlocked by consulting legends in the same field of your dreams. Finally, it is unlocked by risks and consequences you encounter to make sure you secure the success of your dreams.

You may not be too speedy or too slow as moderation always carries good outcomes. If you are too speedy, there are dreamers with the same dreams you chase who dreamt long time ago and are ahead of you, overtaking them is riskier than being too slow. If you are too slow, you may be overtaken by back-kickers who make sure that those who follow them are either maimed for life or left very far back to allow them finish good pastures.

When you succeed in chasing your dreams, your star is said to be shining. In fact, the day you catch your dream is the day you demarcate yourself with the pursuers, be it your age-mates or those older than you. It is from that particular day you begin to exist in a tower class yet to be reached by your co-dreamers. What fails dreamers is resting before becoming tired, which is in other words called laziness. It is a norm in dream-chasing that people do not take rest. When they take rest, failure may grasp them and there, they would never embark on chasing their dreams again. Therefore, it is advisable that one should not rest even if resting is prescribed to him by a doctor.

Laziness and fear of the unknown are hyenas of success in general and are hyenas of your punctuation as far as this article is concerned. In conclusion, stars aren’t brightened by luck or close association with leaders, they are brought to life and brightened by persistence in chasing your dreams. It is your seriousness in brightening your star that luck and legends in dream-achieving join you voluntarily. The secrets of success are commitment, dedication, confidence and consistency. With such secrets in practice, you can get punctuated within no time.

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