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Akok rushes to Kiir for election budget

By Bida Elly David


A ticking clock, absent budget hikes fears of derailing South Sudan’s fragile peace process with just ten months to December elections.

In a crucial meeting with President Salva Kiir, National Election Commission (NEC) chairperson Abednego Akok issued a blatant reminder emphasizing that “Without the budget, elections are impossible.”

Professor Akok, sworn in just two weeks ago, highlighted the budget deficit as the sole obstacle to kick starting the electoral process.

Civic education, polling station preparation across constituencies, and a host of other logistical demands require immediate funding.

“The agreement has set a deadline,” Akok emphasized, urging Kiir to release the budget promptly.

“Every delay shortens the time for a smooth election process” he echoed

Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization, echoed Akok’s concerns.

“The budget is not a matter of debate; it’s a necessity,” Yakani declared. “Any delay is a threat to the elections, and time lost can never be regained.”

The CEPO’s boss stressed the importance of elections beyond logistics.

“It’s about giving South Sudanese citizens their right to choose their leader through democracy,” he said.

For his part James Boboya, a political analyst, injected a note of caution.

While acknowledging the recent opening for political party registration as a positive step, he warned against premature optimism. “This doesn’t guarantee elections,” he pointed out, citing the 21-month registration window conflicting with the eleven-month deadline.

The looming budget decision hangs heavy over South Sudan’s future. Akok, Yakani, and Boboya represent a chorus of voices urging the government to prioritize the elections and fulfill the promises of the peace agreement.


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