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Central Bank governor inspects Rumbek Branch

By Yang Ater Yang


Bank of South Sudan (BoSS) governor, Dr. James Alic Garang, visited the Rumbek branch on Friday to assess its operations and address concerns about the stalled construction of the branch building and concerns about delayed salary payments.

He was accompanied by a delegation of the Central Bank board members.

Dr. Ali acknowledged the delays in completing the construction, stating they began in 2013 but remain unfinished due to electrical issues and leaks.

He promised to prioritize rectifying these issues and assured a more positive outcome on his next visit.

Central Bank boss emphasized the importance of ensuring timely salary payments for civil servants, acknowledging the economic challenges and ongoing reforms.

“We have heard for several years about the economic crisis, some of which are beyond our control… I will not promise a lot, but I will make sure that when I come next time, there is something different” he assured.

Dr. Alic expressed support for agricultural development, and acknowledging the lack of an Agricultural Bank branch in Lakes State.

He pledged to explore ways to support the sector and contribute to the development of all states and territories.

For his part the Governor of Lakes State, Rin Tueny Mabor welcomed Dr. Alic visit and highlighted the state’s economic struggles, including delayed salaries and limited budget autonomy.

“It is difficult if you can go for 5 months as a civil servant without pay… We are in a very precarious budget situation in the State… We are secure physically, but we must have food, good education, and health services.” Rin stated.

He urged the Central Bank to prioritize support for agriculture in Lakes State.

“I am happy that the governor of the Central Bank gave a remark that they will support the agriculture sector… Agricultural bank should be supported such that they should also contribute to the development of ten (10) States and three administrative areas” he added.



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