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State cabinet Passes SSP 8.6 Billion fiscal budget

By Deng Athian


Northern Bahr El Ghazal State (NBGs) cabinet has approved and passed a budget of 8.6 billion South Sudanese pounds (SSP) for the current fiscal year.

This comes after a council of ministers meeting in Aweil town, where the details of the budget were presented and approved.

Budget Breakdown and Highlights: Total budget of 8,650,657,308 SSP. It covers five counties and two municipal councils (excluding the Ministry of General Education, whose budget comes directly from Juba)

The key focus of the fiscal budget is Job creation through a 400% salary increase for state employees

Dominic Kang Deng, the acting NBGs Minister of Information, spoke to the media following the budget approval after their cabinet meeting.

“We agreed and passed the amount of 8 billion 650 million 657 thousand and 3 hundred and eight SSP. This budget covers five counties and two municipal councils except the Ministry of General Education which its budget comes from Juba.” He told the media.

He further emphasized the importance of the budget, highlighting its potential to create job opportunities through the significant salary increase for state employees.

The approved budget will now be presented to the NBGs Legislative Assembly for further readings and potential amendments before being officially assented by the state governor for implementation.


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