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Terekeka, a peaceful County for business-Commissioner

By Charles K Mark


Terekeka commissioner has assured traders of convenient and peaceful environment for business in his county.

Commissioner, George Wani Elia made the assurance during Women’s Livelihood project launch, on Thursday.

He said that because of the peaceful nature, Terekeka county attracts thousands of tourists and business people, including organizations.

“I want to assure our people that Terekeka County is one of the most peaceful counties in South Sudan. As you can see, you can move freely. Nobody will ask you,” Wani said.

The commissioner boasted about the safety and normalcy of his county as a result of security boost in the county.

Wani encouraged traders, especially women in Terekeka, to take advantage of the calmness to create productive ventures to support their families.

Terekeka County Paramount Chief, Benesio Modi Wani, pledged his commitment to creating a sustained peaceful environment for partners to engage the grassroots.

He commended organizations such as the Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative for their contribution to peace and development in the county.

“I am very impressed by the contribution these organizations, like the Whitaker,” he said. “They have indeed stood with the county authority in supporting our women.”

“It is not the first time they are doing this. For that reason, I am asking our women to also insert more efforts to develop themselves so that they can support their families,” Benesio added.

Meanwhile, the Director of Social Welfare, State Ministry of Gender Child and Social Welfare (CES), Omar Sherefedin Hussein Jada praised Terekeka as the most fertile place for running businesses.

He said produce such as groundnuts, goats, and fish are many things that attract people to go run for business in the county.

The director urges the traders, especially women, to acquire basic skills for them to be able to benefit from such businesses.

“Terekeka is a fertile place for business, but the most unfortunate part is that education is being neglected by many in the county, and therefore, businesswise, it lacks progress,” Mr. Jada said.

He believes that if the local population is well trained on how to do business and manages the profits they get from their business, the community will develop very quickly.




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