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Activist advocates for release of colleague

By Mamer Abraham


Jonglei Civil Society Network chairperson has urged the National Police Service to release Junubin Chronicle’s Bill Kur Nyiel.

Bill was allegedly detained by the police while on a search after disappearance of the Executive Director of Junubin Chronicles, Biar Ajak Marol, whose whereabouts are still unknown.

Bol said in a statement seen by No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that Bill’s colleagues Delighty Keji, Bafora Santelo, and Sonia Akkon Gak were released on bail on Friday, but Bill remained in police custody.

Delightful Keji, Bafora Santelo, and Sonia Akon Gak were released on bail! I appreciate the Public Prosecutor Attorney for finally granting them this freedom even after 22 days of illegal detention,” he said in a statement.

He appreciated efforts of individuals and organizations who strived for the plight of the activists to pave way for them to acquire freedom after days in detention.

“Thank you to the dedicated lawyer, Wani Steven, the media fraternity, and concerned South Sudanese who stood firm in defence of human rights. It is never in vain when we decide to challenge injustices together, as Junubin and Like-minded” he lauded.

He urged the police to either release Bill or present him in a court of law, claiming Bill’s prolonged detention was a violation of personal rights and freedoms.

“Unfortunately, Bill Kur Nyiel has not been released with his colleagues; he remains behind the police detention facility under the same conditions. I want to reiterate a humble appeal to the police to release or produce him in a competent court without delay,” he urged.

“This prolonged detention is not only an abuse of personal rights and freedoms but also a blatant violation of our country’s transitional constitution and other legal frameworks, an unacceptable vice!” he added.

However, when No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper contacted National Police spokesperson, Maj Gen. Daniel Justin denied knowledge of the alleged arrests and detention of Bill and his colleagues. He promised to find out if they were detained in any police station in the city.

“Where do they say they are detained and why? I don’t have any idea, I will check it out,” Justin said.

Meanwhile, in October last year, the spokesperson of the South Sudan National Police Service, Maj. Gen. Daniel Justin, said the police were investigating the circumstances behind Biar’s disappearance.

Biar, the Executive Director of Junubin Chronicles, was last seen on October 4, 2023, but the following day, his car was found abandoned near the Freedom Bridge.

“The case was reported to us; we registered the case; we made an announcement, and our people are gathering some more information about where he was last seen,” Justin said.

He urged the public to contact the nearby police if they have any information about Biar’s whereabouts.

“But also, we are urging the public that if somebody has any information about him, he is to come to us and report,” he added.

Bill Kur Nyiel, Biar’s colleague at Junubin Chronicles, said that all he knew was that the police are still investigating the disappearance and that they are still searching for Biar.

Bill said there were no eyewitnesses to provide information about Biar’s disappearance.

“There are no eyewitnesses; all we have are rumors.” Those are just rumors without verification. No one came up and said that I saw him somewhere or that I saw him being taken somewhere,” Bill continued.

Biar’s mother, Aguer Deng Ajang, had been calling on authorities to help her find her son, but no help has so far come her way. His close relatives believe he might be held hostage by the lack of evidence to support this claim.

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