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Woman showers hubby with hot porridge

By Hou Akot Hou


A man is being nursed at the Aweng Primary Health Care Centre in Twich Payam, Warrap State, after his wife, on Thursday, poured hot porridge on his body.

The 43-year-old man, identified as Ayii Deng Ayii said the incidence happened following an argument on domestic issues at home.

He narrated to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that a quarrel emanated when he tried to talk sense into his daughter, advising her against disrespect and leaving other house chores to the brother.

“I started to discipline my daughter, and when the mother came back and found her daughter crying, she put on fire the cooking pot in disguise as someone cooking,” he stated.

The disgruntled father said his elder daughter refused to clean the utensils, and when he asked her, the mother stepped in and disagreed with him, eventually culminating into use of hot porridge.

“And I attempted to go to the bathroom, and she came with a hot soup and poured it on me while I was naked. My back and head are now severely injured,” Ayii said.

Deng said he is now under treatment while his wife is being interrogated by police.

Several members of the community express sympathy with Deng but question South Sudan’s patriarchal dominance over women, which causes domestic fights, inherently resulting into physical and psychological violence.


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