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Cattle re-invasion, land grabbing threaten Juba county

By Charles K Mark


Juba County Commissioner is threatened of a renewed invasion by cattle herders into the geographical area of his jurisdiction.

Eng. Charles Joseph Wani raised an alarm during the swearing-in of a new paramount chief of Juba County, on Tuesday.

He said there is verified information about some chiefs involved in a conspiracy to allow the cattle that were forcefully driven out, to return to Juba.

“We know some of you chiefs; among you are some chiefs who are allowing these cattle to enter Juba. I warn you (Chiefs)! I have already suspended one of you, and I am telling you so that you do not be surprised or wonder why it is happening,” Wani disclosed.

The Commissioner added that there are also some chiefs who have mastered being chiefs in land grabbing.

Commissioner Wani warned that at this period of time he won’t compromise any chief, be it Payam, Boma, or sub chief, who is involved in acts disturbing the peace of the county.

“Please, I assign all of you to engage in activities that give praise to God. Some of you, our elders, are behaving in a manner that makes us not respect you,” he echoed. And that is because you do not respect yourselves” he echoed.

“We all know that land has become a contentious issue in Juba, but many of you are involved in this illegal practice,” he alleged.

The commissioner vowed to deal with any chief engaging in conspiracy against the development and peace of the citizens of Juba County.

“I promise to deal with issues with all my life, even if it will cost my life. I am ready,” County Commissioner Wani committed.

For his part, outgoing Executive Director of Juba County, Bernard Alex Mati, advised all chiefs to distance themselves from the politics of the country.

He cautioned that at this crucial time where politicians will, on many occasions, seek to use influential and powerful individuals for political gains, chiefs must be sensitive.

“You are for all people. You are not for any party. All parties are your parties. If you feel that politics is your calling, kindly remove that uniform, leave the position for nonpartisans, and continue with your political aspirations,” Mati advised.

He underscored that the year 2024 is a critical period that will bring both fortunes and tough challenges, but only people have to embrace unity and peace.

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