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Aweil West announces elimination of stray dogs

By Hou Akot Hou

Authorities in Aweil West County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State, have issued an order to eliminate all street dogs that wander without their rightful owners on Saturday.

The police have issued a statement announcing to the public that they should stay home this coming Saturday so that the dogs whose owners are not known are killed to avoid biting people at random.

This decision follows the incident of 16 people who have been bitten by dogs and donkeys that are reported to have been bitten by rabbis-infested dogs.

Philip Agany, the police director in Nyamlel town, revealed that they are going to kill all dogs that are found wandering on Saturday.

He urged youths to do the massive cleansing on Saturday.

“The dogs without rightful owners will be eliminated on Saturday. So I am appealing to the people of the county to be home on Saturday,” he stated. “This move was prompted as a result of the 16 people who have been bitten by dogs since December until now.”.

Agany said the operation will last for the whole day and urges the young people to use spears and other kinds of weapons to kill dogs.

One of the youth, Deng Dut, said some of the dong owners did not heed the call to vaccinate their dogs, and now vaccines are expensive.

He urges the residents of Nymalel to cooperate with the authorities so that the youth can get rid of the stray dogs.

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