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Unity state governor visits hotspot, calls for calm


By William Madouk


After cheating death on a fateful Monday in an alleged ambush by suspected SPLA-IO forces, Unity State governor has finally visited the hotspot where his convoy came under intense gunfire.

According to Unity State Minister of Information, David Gai, the governor’s convey came under attack on Monday while on his way to Ngol to assess the situation and disseminate peace messages

However, despite the attack, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang, on Tuesday led a delegation to Barkuor and Ngol villages to console the communities after the unfortunate incident.

“Governor H.E. Lt. Gen. Dr. Joseph Manytuil and his accompanying delegation paid a courtesy visit to Barkuor, Ngol village, to share a solidarity message with victims after SPLA-IO forces attacked the governor’s convoy at Ngol River Bank on Monday,” part of the statement reads.

Mr. Manytuil also called on the residents of Ngol village to remain calm and assured them of peace restoration.

He stressed that all the looted cattle and goats in Ngol village must be returned to their rightful owners.

Meanwhile, Rubkona County Commissioner, James Clement Juol Dador said the situation is under control and normal.

Commissioner Clement described the Ngol incident as an irresponsible act by those who fired at the governor’s convoy.

According to the spokesperson of the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF), Maj. Gen. Lul Ruai Koang, three soldiers were killed and five others wounded in the Monday clsh with SPLA-IO forces.

In a phone interview with No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Ma. Gen. Ruai insisted that SPLA-IO forces ambush the governor’s convoy in an attempt to assassinate him alongside 4th infantry division commander.

However, SPLA-IO spokesman, Col. Lam Paul Gabriel, told this outlet that their forces in Barkuol Ngol base were attacked from two sides: one from Mayom County and another led by the governor from Rubokna County.

He explained that the division commander in the area camouflaged the fact that they were going to open the market. However, Col. Lam questioned how civilian centers could be operating in their military bases.

“But there is no civilian. That is our base. You can’t come to our base to open the civilian center. That was an act of aggression.” he argued.

Mr. Lam stated that their forces in Barkuol Ngol base only acted on self-defense after being attacked.

He also rubbished the claims made by the Unity State minister of information that the SPLA-IO force ambushed the governor in an attempt to assassinate him as a ‘concoction’ and ‘untrue’ report.


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