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Eternal life in Jesus alone

Abraham Anyon Ngoor Gorjok


For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him should not perish but have an everlasting life (John 3:16).

There is a mystery that all of us have got to understand as believers and those who have not believed, and I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit we should understand and apply in our lives as predestined people.

The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ was a powerful decision made by God to salvage mankind. Man was destined for hell.

Our creator was moved by love. This shows that love can move you to do things that make life matter as a person.

God is our great example of love in picture. When you want to learn the true meaning of something in creation, go to God, your source, to show you the truth. That’s why in the book of Col 2:8, we are told to be aware of the philosophies and veins of deceit and the traditions of men and follow after Christ. It’s because once you believe in the God of heaven.

We must refuse to listen to any information that doesn’t glorify God almighty, any message that doesn’t rim with Jesus, the savior of our souls, is not fit for our hearing and our biding. Therefore, it’s high time to understand that God is a God who wants us to be secure in our mind because it’s the center stage of our life. No wonder that’s why the Bible tells us to protect the loins of our mind. Jesus is a master in mind management; his mind is trained to be in sync with the will of the Father. That’s why he says that I and my father are one. Oneness with your Creator starts with the spirit and the mind. You can never make exploits in the kingdom of God unless you become one in spirit and in mind as well. No wonder that’s why we are asked for our hearts to pant after him because in Him dwell all the virtues of greatness at work, which can only be traced in God and worked upon by God alone with the help of our yielded will to Him.

Eternal life has been imparted to our spirit man as believers in Jesus, the only son of God who came and died for us. In the book of 1 John 5:11–12, we are told that, and this is the record that God has given us eternal and this life in his Jesus; he that has the son has life, and he that doesn’t have the son doesn’t have life.

Eternal life is only found in Jesus; this is the reason he came as a man to die and redeem us back to God, the Father.

No person on earth today can access life eternal without the lordship of Jesus Christ over that individual.

Jesus is the mediator between God and man; you can’t go through Mohamed, Buddha, Confucius, or Spear masters in your villages or towns, wherever they are. Understand that it is impossible to access this realm of life without Jesus in the picture.

Many skeptics still believe there is a short cut to heaven, and self-righteous individuals believe that as long as you do good works, you will go to heaven, not knowing that it is by grace we are saved; it’s not by works.

The pagans are worse; they don’t believe even in the existence of God; all they think about is beauty and pleasure on earth; this really needs to kneel before God constantly to bring salvation to their lives; otherwise, the time is too short for them as a people.

However, there are challenges that will deter you from this way of eternity in Jesus.

First, the pride of life; this is one of the disastrous sins men and women are held bound to, and it’s preventing them from fulfilling the will of God on earth. Many are busy priding with the pleasures of life. How wealthy is that fellow? I should envy him or her and be recognized by society, but the glory of man, the Bible says, is vanity.

Secondly, the lust of the flesh, but the Bible says he who lives in pleasure is dead while alive. As a person, you must live according to the known will of God, no matter how unbearable the situation, until you triumph and receive, at the end, the crown of life.

Romans 8:6 says that to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace.

Therefore, being fleshly-minded results in death; this death is not just physical death, but your daily endeavors can’t succeed if you are not spiritually minded; they will fail at the expense of yielding your will to carnality.

The life of eternity that Jesus has granted us is a precious one and must be guarded jealously and utterly avoided every distraction that comes against your salvation.

Prophetic Confessions

Eternal life is in me. I live in the realm of the Godhead. I am a champion in the courts of God. By Jesus, I have triumphed over the circumstances of life. I am heavenly favored and privileged to do mighty exploits for Jesus kingdom as a realm of life.

Prayer of Salvation.

Lord, thank you for dying on the cross for my sake. I acknowledge your sacrifice on the cross today. My life is in you; I am born again; thank you, Jesus, for saving me in His name, Amen!




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