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ILO donates 15 motorcycles for labor inspection

By Charles K Mark


International Labor Organization (ILO) handed over 15 motorcycles to the South Sudan Ministry of Labour on Friday to boost labour inspections in the country.

ILO Chief Technical Advisor (CTA), Aida Awel said the motorcycles are intended to fortify the mobility and efficacy of labor inspectors.

She explained that the eased mobility will respond promptly to labor-related concerns, thus increasing the effectiveness of labor governance in the country.

“Labour inspection plays a critical role in labor administration to ensure that the rights of migrant workers, as well as workers in general and national workers, are protected,” Awel said.

The technical advisor added that with the simplified mode of transport, labor inspectors will ensure that the working conditions of workers in general are well taken care of.

“It’s important to ensure the easy mobility of labor inspectors all over the country, so that is why we are handing over these 15 motorbikes to the Ministry of Labor, to make sure that labor inspectors have easy access and mobility in every working place, so that they can see the conditions of workers in South Sudan,” she stated.

For her part, Undersecretary Ministry of Labor, Mary Hillary Wani, said of the 15 motorcycles, two will be based at the ministry headquarters, while the other 13 will be sent to the ten estates plus the three administrative areas.

“So we expect that the presence or availability of these motorcycles will improve the labor inspection and thus the performance of labor in general here in South Sudan,” Madam Wani said.

The Ministry hopes to boost labor instruction and ensure workers are working in very good conditions.

The Undersecretary boasted that it is so high time South Sudan improved the working environment as well as fairing the treatment of the workers.

Meanwhile, Deputy Secretary General for the South Sudan Workers and Traders Union Federation (SSWTUF), Agasio Akol Arop, welcomed the donation by ILO.

He said mobility was a burning issue that has over the years been discussed in the Reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA).

“When they (the Ministry) brought their budget, this one was there. I am representing the Workers and Traders Union in the TNLA. “I am happy that it has finally gained support from the ILO; we are happy,” Akol expressed.

“So I’m very happy. As a representative of the trade union at this particular time, I want to say that ILO has done very good work, and we are expecting that there are also some other areas that need support,” he added.

However, Akol said ILO should stop giving them these motorbikes alone; they also expect some other things to support our government.”

He appealed to the ILO to support the improvement of the conditions of the workers in the country.

“There are some other companies or other NGOs that employ our people, and then they don’t take care of them,” Akol noted.

He urged the Ministry of Labour to send inspectors to investigate such conduct to ensure that nationals are well protected in their endeavors.


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