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Lakes state condemn senseless killings, urges peace

By Yang Ater Yang


Lakes State government has condemned the recent bloody cattle camp clashes in Alor Payam of Rumbek North County that claimed lives of 39 people.

The Wednesday clashes claimed lives from both sides of Pakam and Luac-Jang communities.

Lakes state police spokesperson, Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac, said at least 20 people were killed, one person still missing and were 36 wounded from the Pakam community of Rumbek North County.

Meanwhile, Warrap State Information Minister William Wol Mayom, in a statement released yesterday, reported 19 civilians killed and 17 others wounded in the Luac-jang community of Tonj East.

State officials noted that every year, these two communities—Pakam of Lakes State and Luanygang of Warrap State—always have internal clashes, which they said could be traced back to land disputes.

In an official statement issued on Friday, Lakes state minister of information and government spokesperson Paul Cabiet Ayang said the Lakes government condemns the incident by the armed youth.

“We call for immediate restraint on both sides of the conflict and condemn the clash between the armed youth of Rumbek North County of Lakes State and Toni East County of Warrap State, “he stated.

“The government of Lakes State remains steadfast in its commitment, endeavors, and efforts to maintain peace within and with our neighbours,” the minister assured in the statement.

They call on the government of Warrap State for joint collaboration to ensure that the perpetrators of the attack are brought to justice accordingly.

According to the minister, Ayang, the attackers’ motive was cattle raiding and a dispute over grazing land in the state.

“The government of Lakes State has now deployed security forces to rescue the situation and restore normalcy between Rumbek North and our neighbor, Tonj East County of Warrap,” he stated.

“We send our condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this senseless criminal attack,” Minister Ayang empathized.

He reiterated Lakes State’s government’s commitment to peace in the Bahr el Ghazal Region and South Sudan in general.



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