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Minister forms Electoral Committee for SSBF elections

By Charles K Mark


National Minister of Youth and Sports has formed a five-member Electoral Committee to organize the elections of the South Sudan’s Basketball Federation (SSFB).

Dr. Joseph Geng Akech had directed that within 60 days, dating from November 27, 2023, SSBF should hold elections.

In the Electoral Committee are: Adv. Bak Athian Bak as a returning officer; Gen. Shengiti Both Diu as secretary; and Adv. Abdallah Abdu Delesuk as the legal officer.

The Youth and Sports Minister also added Mr. William Kolong Pioth to head the administration and finance offices, while Ms. Apuk Ayuel Mayen was assigned as the Public Relations Officer.

While conducting business, the committee is expected to observe principles such as independence, impartiality, professionalism, and honesty.

Mr. Geng assigned the committee to develop procedural guidelines to govern elections, and yet such guidelines shall conform to the Basketball Constitution and FIBA regulations.

“Receive duly filed applications from applicants for various elective positions: (1) President of SSBF; (2) Secretary General; and (3) Secretary for Finance,” he directed.

The Committee is also expected to publish the final list of qualified candidates for elective positions, facilitate the logistics of delegates for elections, conduct elections, and announce results.

Two weeks after the elections, the Electoral Committee will submit financial and narrative reports and perform any function that may be assigned by the Minister.

The Minister directed the committee to conduct elections of the Executive Body of the South Sudan Basketball Federation on the 19th day of the month of February 2024.

The committee shall cease to exist upon the conclusion of the elections for which it was formed by the Minister.




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