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One thing is unclear; the fight against corruption

Pandemics come and go after exertion of collective efforts to eradicate them, but corruption pandemic continues to remain unattended to. Corruption has a worldwide distribution; therefore, it is pandemic. Corruption is the disease of the instinct, and it is the instinct that drives a creature towards a certain action.

Epidemiologically, the prevalence of corruption is high in Africa due to poor relation with public funds. In the whole Africa, it is most prominent in South Sudan. When you meet your typical South Sudanese withdrawing money for weekend on Fridays, you may think they have houses under construction somewhere, but it is just for a weekend enjoyment. If they lose temper with their own money, how about the public money they are in charge of?

Where on earth are soldiers taken to frontline unarmed? Chairpersons of Anti-corruption commissions in Africa tasked with fighting corruption are armless, making it hard to fight with ease. They are unarmed not because they come unarmed, but because they are disarmed during their lobbying for the positions and if it happens that they tiptoe to neighboring countries to borrow guns for fighting corruption, they are relieved on spot.

This is done to threaten them keep quiet and give time to corrupt individuals to loot more before the newly appointed chairpersons become angrier as a result of pushing by the public to wake up and do their mandate.

A few chairpersons of Anti-Corruption Commissions who tried to keep to their mandate had their serving days cut short and commissions dissolved to allow corrupt individuals practice corruption without hindrances. Prof. PLO Lumumba tried it in Kenya and he was caught by the collar, victimized and relieved and so was Nuri Badu in Nigeria and Makasi in South Africa.

It takes lives to fight corruption and because of that, so many fighters tend to change the course and get involved in corruption more than those they are mandated to hint, spot and bring to book. The eradication of corruption is uneasy, it is uneasy in the sense that how corrupt individuals are praised and followed in South Sudan is the same way they are praised and followed in Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Chad and all other African countries.

One very unfortunate thing is that, the corrupt individuals are planting their seeds in the public offices, I mean their sons and daughters for nothing other than to further corruption and protect their fathers and mothers from being brought to book. What a tragedy?

Having known this, I want the heaven and earth to hear me on saying that the corrupt people always wear bullet-proofs so as not to get shot, and because of that, it is only the heavenly or earthly (ancestral bullet) bullet that can penetrate their bodies. I know our God has a sniper that never misses a wrongdoer, God please shoot them, we are tired of them.

Other African countries are far much better in fighting corruption, for they use to arrest corrupt individuals although they bribe to leave custodies through private doors, but the African country still in the depth of corruption is South Sudan where corruption is at peak and not even a single attempt is done to summon one, leave an arrest. I am dismayed when I see the occupants of the public offices coming home in the evening with prominent cheeks because something they have not sweated for is in their mouths. The day corruption ceases is the day South Sudan will begin to grow 50-fold each day, believe me.

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