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Budi Women demand action on killings, cattle raids

By Jino Wilson


Women in Budi County of Eastern Equatoria State are expressing outrage over ongoing violence that claims lives of women in the region.

The women presented their dismay during a pre-consultation peace meeting facilitated by Root of Generations.

They recounted the numerous deaths of women and their husbands last year, due to cattle thefts and ambushes.

Susan Nakang, a resident of Farasika Boma, highlighted the plight of orphaned children and women killed while farming, collecting firewood and others, traveling on roads.

“Killing women depletes our population further,” she emphasized.

Mary Namooi, the chairlady of Farasika, denounced the county authorities’ inaction regarding conflicts with neighboring counties.

She attributed the looming hunger crisis in the area to disrupted farming caused by cattle raids.

“We need lasting peace. Women and men have died due to cattle raids and ambushes. These raids are the root of death in our county” she stated.

A youth representative, requesting anonymity, stressed the need for disarmament if communities are not committed to peace.

“For true peace and enjoyment of national benefits, we need total disarmament across the country,” he stated.

In anticipation of a peace dialogue between Ikotos and Budi Counties in mid-February, facilitated by Root of Generations with support from Shejeh Salaam, USIAD funded projects, the two sides express a desire for lasting peace.

“We urge our neighbors from Ikotos to coexist peacefully. We are tired of fighting each other. Enough is enough!” Budi representative said.

Attempts to reach Ikotos County authorities for comment were unsuccessful by press time.



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