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‘Danger’ of defections worries Ceasefire monitors

By William Madouk


The ceasefire monitors have waved a red flag against the risk of rampant defections from one party to another, noting it could lead to skirmish and roil ongoing peace implementation.

This warning came after several military and party defections on many occasions leading to clashes threatening a shaky ceasefire among the parties to the 2018 revitalized peace deal.

Opening the CTSAMVM technical committee (CTC) meeting, the chair, Maj. Gen. Hailu Gonfa Edossa, said the report indicated that shifting of allegiance was another matter that exacerbated conflicts.

“Another report illustrated the problem caused by the change of allegiance, specifically the arrest of SPLM/A-IO personnel and the clash at Kaigai in Unity State following the change of allegiance of Lt. Gen. Simon Maguek, said Edossa.

He called on the SSPDF to take full control of its forces and those aligned with it by cantoning them.

Also, Maj. Gen. Rabi Emmanuel, who represents ITGoNU at CTSAMVM, said they are disappointed over the shifting of allegiances, adding that it’s an individual’s right, but defectors shouldn’t stir up tension.

“We are also disappointed with the actions of those who change allegiance. We know change of allegiance is a personal right of anybody, but we don’t expect that when you change your allegiance, you cause problems,” said Rabi.

“This is a violation; nobody will support that one. So, we urge citizens to also verify all these incidents or violations,” he added.

Gen. Rabi emphasized that they would contribute to making appropriate recommendations to concerned authorities.

Besides, SSOA representative Maj. Gen. Jany Kaway said he’s very concerned about the change of allegiance.

“I am advising or I am urging those who change their allegiance, please. The entire country is watching at you.”

“Please, if you change your allegiance from party A to party B, please don’t stir up conflict,” he stated. “And if the participants, the party B who received those defectors, please, you must contain them and put them under the order,”



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