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Rumbek Town road rehabilitation to be improved

By Yang Ater Yang


United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) has considered improving the recent rehabilitated Rumbek town road to address public outcry over dust.

Rumbek Town Mayor, Peter Maliap Chieny and representatives from Lakes State Ministry of Roads and Bridges reached an understanding with UNMISS officials, over the matter.

Residents of Lakes State capital, Rumbek Town had earlier this week expressed outrage over poor quality of road rehabilitation around the main roundabout.

UNMISS and the government were at the forefront of the criticism for using substandard materials that create excessive dust, cause health problems and road safety hazards.

However, in a meeting on Thursday, Rumbek Town mayor, state government and UNMISS officials resolved to fix the misshape.

“UNMISS has been a valuable partner, supporting the government in various initiatives. While the initial round-about project aimed to address potholes, the quality of marram used caused dust for residents and businesses,” the mayor said.

However, following a productive discussion, both parties agreed to collaborate on rectifying the situation.

UNMISS Field Office Head in Rumbek, Raoul Ireng, emphasized their commitment to working with the government to address the technical issues and ensure a higher quality solution.

“We appreciate the open communication and are confident that by working together, we can deliver a road rehabilitation project that benefits the citizens of Rumbek Town,” said Ireng.

For his part, Malual Makoi, acting Director General of the Ministry of Roads and Bridges, echoed the collaborative spirit.

“We value UNMISS’ partnership and are committed to working jointly to correct any shortcomings and ensure proper road maintenance in Rumbek,” he stated.


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