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Shoe shiner’s death shocks Rumbek


Yang Ater Yang


A 55-year-old shoe shiner in Rumbek town was found dead at his workplace, on Tuesday.

Lakes State police spokesperson Elijah Mabor Makuac said the sudden death of the shoe shiner, identified as Maluac Magut-thon, shocks residents.

Late Magut-thon was regularly seen shining shoes under a tree, near Rumbek Girls’ Primary School, but he was only discovered dead at the location on Tuesday morning.

“The police investigated the scene and found no signs of foul play,” Makuac stated.

“The body was transported to Rumbek State Hospital for a post-mortem examination, which confirmed the cause of death to be natural causes” he added.

Maj. Makuac urged residents to always seek medical attention promptly if they feel unwell,

“It’s crucial to speak up to medical professionals if you’re experiencing any health concerns to avoid such unfortunate situations” he advised.


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