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At least 24 Political Parties fail to register

By Kidega Livingstone


At least twenty-four political parties have been disqualified from registration.

According to Minister of Cabinet Affairs Martin Elia Lomuro, the affected parties presented incomplete documents to the Political Parties’ Council.

“It is worth noting that the status of political parties’ registration in South Sudan per political party’s council register stands as follows,” Lomuro said.

The minister disclosed this during the 34th RJMEC plenary meeting, on Thursday.

“Fourteen registered parties, thirteen yet to register, and twenty-four parties with incomplete documents” he highlighted

The revelation comes shortly after the Political Parties Council, led by James Akol Zakayo, issued an order for commencement of registration for unregistered parties.

According to PPC data out of the 51 existing political parties in the country, only 14 have completed their registration.

Cabinet Affairs Minister, Lomuro emphasized that “Article 8(7) stipulates that registration is an ongoing process, and any political party not registered is entitled to register in accordance with the provisions of this Act.”

Funding Appeal for Peaceful and Democratic Elections

In his report to RJMEC plenary on the election process, Lomuro also highlighted the need for adequate funding to ensure peaceful and democratic elections in December 2024.

He revealed the National Election Commission’s (NEC) program, guided by the National Election Act, 2012 (Amendment) Act, 2023.

“The election cycle cannot go with the Fiscal Year Budget but it can be before or after,” Lomuro explained.

“The election budget is funded in totality from the consolidated funds NEC estimated at SSP. 553,594,678,735.00 (Only five-hundred fifty-three billion five-hundred ninety-four Million six hundred seventy-eight thousand, seven-hundred thirty-five) from the total budget, SSP. 42,142,350,690.00 (only forty-two Billion one-hundred forty-two three-hundred fifty six-hundred ninety) represents pre-election budget component.”

Recognizing the gap between allocated funds and the actual need, Lomuro appealed to the regional and international communities for financial support.

“It must be clearly stated herein that the budget allocations declared by the government are insufficient and require generous contributions from our region, continent, and international countries and partners,” Lomuro stated.

“Especially considering the huge amounts demanded by the electoral and constitutional making processes as well as the current economic crisis in the country” he continued.

He stressed South Sudan’s commitment to transparency and offered to share detailed budget information with international partners for consideration and potential support.

“Allow us to cease this opportunity to plead, on behalf of our President and Government, with the representatives of the region, continent, and international community present in the August RJMEC Plenary to assist us willingly and genuinely in order for us to succeed” Lomuro appealed.

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