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Bak encourages citizens to seek bank loans for business growth

By Deng Athian


The Minister of Finance and Planning has encouraged South Sudanese with business ideas to utilize commercial banks for funding.

Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol emphasized this point during the opening ceremony of the Bank of South Sudan’s public awareness campaign on promoting economic growth.

“People with business ideas have a great opportunity to leverage the numerous commercial banks in our country,” Dr. Chol stated.

He urged potential borrowers to approach commercial banks with well-developed plans.

“These banks can help them turn those ideas into successful ventures that contribute to our economic growth,” the minister stressed.

Dr. Bak noted that a competent citizen with thoughtful business ideas who approaches these banks to seek loans will not be let down.

“This will not only benefit their own endeavors but also contribute to the overall economic development of the nation” he urged.

Echoing Minister Bak’s sentiment, Governor of the Bank of South Sudan, Dr. James Alic Garang, highlighted the importance of agriculture.

“We can also encourage agriculture as a way to improve our economy,” he appealed.

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