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Insecurity hampers seeds distribution in Magwi County

By Ijoo Bosco


An agriculture extension worker in Magwi County, Eastern Equatoria State has reported concerns of farmers in Ayii Boma who missed out on seed distribution in recent years.

Mr. Ochaya James explained that insecurity in certain areas, including Ayii, prevented partner organizations from safely accessing and distributing seeds.

“While seed distributions happened in some parts of Magwi County, other areas were deemed unsafe due to ongoing conflict,” James stated. “Partners need a secure and conducive environment to operate effectively.”

He assured farmers that with the improved security situation, efforts are underway to reach the entire county.

“Partners are currently assessing and registering farmers in Ayii and other previously inaccessible areas,” he said.

James emphasized that the government does not distribute seeds directly and relies on partners working in the agricultural sector.

He encouraged farmers to move beyond dependence on NGOs and strive for self-sufficiency through large-scale farming.

“Working in groups allows for better access to assistance,” he explained. “Farmers should utilize the control seed board at the county level to ensure the quality of seeds before distribution.”

He concluded by urging farmers to avoid relying solely on NGO-distributed seeds and to start early land preparation for the upcoming rainy season.


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