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SPLM warns members against power wrangles

By Bida Elly David


Sudan People’s Liberation Movement’s (SPLM) has warned new SPLM members in Central Equatoria State against power wrangles.

The party’s Second Deputy Secretary General for Administration and Finance, Mary Apai Ayiga sounded the warning during welcome of SPLM-IO members who switched allegiance to SPLM party on Friday.

Speaking during the event, the deputy secretary urged the new party cadres to have patience and perseverance, saying political leadership is a process.

“It is better to go through the political process than hurry to have powers. How can you join SPLM and immediately claim a position? How can you join today and claim to be a member of parliament?” she challenged the new cadres.

Apai said there is no way for newly welcomed SPLM cadres to claim political positions, adding that it is a journey accompanied by a series of career inspections and studies by the leadership.

“You cannot wake up in the morning and complain why you are not appointed as a minister with zero political knowledge,” she slammed.

The second secretary general for administration and finance discouraged the SPLM members against tribal division, saying they should maintain the spirit of comradeship.

“You should not have the blame games of saying Governor Adil brings his own people and James Wani Igga with his as well; SPLM is a party of tolerance, not division, and when you are in it, there is no internal division at all,” she warned.

She slammed those party cadres working for the failures of the party, saying no one among claimants within the party will succeed in pulling down the ruling party.

“There is a need for commitment among the members of the ruling party; they should do enough work for SPLM,” she said.

Apai recounted the suffering they went through as SPLM members during the liberation struggle.

“Long time ago, we used to trek from one place to another without any transport; now that there is free transport to ease mobility, the majority of the party members don’t perform, only demanding feeding and transport refunds for service and incentives,” he noted.

She narrated the testimony of one of the SPLM cadres who demanded incentives before lifting the national flag.

“There is no way the party will adhere to your family problems; it is up to you to complain over a commitment that you would have committed in the name of the party,” she echoed.

Furthermore, she noted that the red symbol of the party reflects the blood of the citizens who lost their lives during the liberation movement.

“We need to be united as SPLM cadres and family. I know citizens down there do not have problems among them, but we as leaders of the party have grudges among us, causing disunity,” Mary underscored.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, the governor of Central Equatoria State, boasted that there’s no political party that will overthrow the ruling SPLM.

Adil stated that Central Equatoria State SPLM is very strong to endorse President Kiir for the presidency, saying they will surely win.

He urged citizens to collectively join hands in endorsing President Salva Kiir for presidential candidateship in the 2024 elections without fear or favor.

“Any activity of the SPLM will shoot highly as light, and we are very sure that the SPLM is capable of winning the coming elections through you,” Adil said.


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