Mapuordit community strengthens ties with church for development

By Gladys Fred Kole


Mapuordit Payam, Yirol West County, Lakes State, has embarked on an engagement with the church.

The engagement aims at fostering development and transformation after three decades since the establishment of the church in 1993.

The host community has agreed to further communal development with the church and ensure the grassroots communities receive adequate services.

Hon. Paul Cabiet, the state minister for information, said the engagement brought in the state governor and the bishop of Rumbek Catholic Diocese to ensure the resolutions are geared towards meeting both the interests of the church and the government.

“We realised Mapuordit is quite developed, and it is a result of Mapuordit School (Church Own) and the intellectuals who have significantly contributed to the development of the area in terms of the resources and infrastructure,” says Cabiet.

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, Christian Carlassare, said there is a need for the community and intellectuals to take the lead in identifying the type of development needed for the community.

Bishop Carlassare further added that the church will always remain united with the community to foster development in the area.

“I’m grateful for the engagement we had with the community, alumni, and government to discuss this present. The priest and sisters, alumni, are collaborators in this community to bring about the development they are demanding,” he said.

“Often, we demand development, but what kind of development? It is not about resources being brought, but rather development should come from within the community,” he cited.

Alumni’s of Mapuordit School and church leaders took the opportunity to draw resolutions that will help transform the community that once supported thousands during the liberation struggle that left a number of leaders with a background in Mapuordit Schools that is both primary and secondary.

However, the community in Mapuordit has agreed to ensure land is demarcated by the state government, with a portion for the church to establish service delivery, centres secured, and for the intellectuals to establish agricultural projects and other developmental activities.

“We have agreed to first demarcate and allocate land for the church, and second to ensure all the alumni of Mapuordit have a plot to carry on development activity.” Agok Mayek Riak, an alumni who was among the intellectuals attending the engagement.

After serving for many years during the liberation, the establishment by the church today hosts a free medical service for the community, acting as one of the additional referral hospitals in Lakes State.

Mapuordit started receiving concentration from the church in 1993, with several funds channeled to assist the internally displaced persons fleeing the conflict during the liberation struggle.

Today, the foundation work is visible with existing services available in the center. Medical services are free, and water distribution points are run for the benefit of the community.

The prevalence of peace and security has given rise to increasing population of Mapuordit Payam.

Many people around Lakes State with financial difficulties seek medical care from Church founded Mapuordit Hospital, known for good health service provision.



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