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Ruto sends letter on mediation stand

By Bida Elly David


Kenyan President Dr. William Ruto expresses his readiness to kickstart peace talks between the South Sudanese government and the holdout groups.

On Monday, Kenyan Envoy Charles Keter presented a letter to president Kiir containing a framework to bridge Juba with the holdout groups.

According to Office of the President, Kiir acknowledged the message and is determined to contribute to the restoration of durable peace in the country.

President Ruto had previously accepted President Salva Kiir’s invitation to chair the Rome peace talks with the holdout groups.

According to Ruto’s office, the Kenyan president had made contact with the holdout groups, expressing their willingness to participate in the talks.

However, some leaders of the holdout militants rejected Ruto’s call for talks in Nairobi and insisted on continuing the abandoned St. Egidio’s Rome talks.

Meanwhile, civil society activists and political analysts criticized the South Sudanese government for inviting Kenya to mediate talks with the holdout groups.

They argued that the Rome peace talks, which were church-oriented, would have been more genuine.

Concerns were raised about the potential participation of the holdout groups, given Kenya’s proximity as a political neighbour to South Sudan.

The response from the holdout groups regarding President Ruto’s mediation offer remains divided.

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