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Dr. Lam, Nunu discuss elections

By Bida Elly David


National Democratic Movement (NDM) Chairman Dr. Lam Akol and Speaker of the National Assembly (R-TNLA) Rt Hon. Jemma Nunu Kumba call for political consensus to pave way for democratic elections

The two leaders emphasized an urgent need for all parties to come together and establish a consensus.

  1. Akol told the press that it is very important for parties to decide over the election process, saying it is risky to be divided politically.

“We as political parties must sit down and discuss how to approach the election process because the election is an inclusive process. Election is something that involves all of us, and therefore, it cannot be done by one party or it cannot be obstructed by one party,” he said.

He underscored his readiness to contest in the coming elections without any political grudges with any party.

“We, as NDM, have taken it upon ourselves to seek consensus among our partners. The same way people said in 2022 is also what is required now, that we must sit as parties to the peace agreement and decide how to conduct the elections,” he added.

The NDM leader noted that through political consensus they will have a very clear outlook of what to be done and how it will be done.

“It must be a joint decision by all of us to say we go ahead or we postpone or we delay” he stated. “These are things that can be decided only by the parties to the peace agreement, because by provision of the agreement itself, it is they who can amend it,”

Dr. Akol said he had met the executive arm of government through the president who is also the chairman of SPLM party, to tackle the same matter.

“As we all know, the current structures of government are a result of the peace agreement that was signed in September 2018. And that peace agreement is time-bound,” he noted.

He called on parties who have the spirit of democracy to join them and work towards the success of the election as the transition period is almost done.

“The agreement has timelines to implement all the items that are needed to be done, and all the items are interrelated and are supposed to lead to the objective of the peace agreement itself and the democratic era,” Mr. Lam explained.

“So it is not a question of whether we like elections or not. It is a must if we are true to the spirit and letter of the peace agreement,” he added.

Meanwhile, John Agany Deng, spokesperson of the parliament said the speaker demonstrated readiness to push for elections through the political consensus.

He described Dr. Akol as one of the leaders who work towards shaping the image of South Sudan and the people through peace.

Agany echoed that the participation of the partners to the peace agreement should be something to correspond with.


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