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Fierce clash leaves one dead, eight Injured 

By Yang Ater Yang


A clash between armed youth from Tonj East in Warrap and Cueibet County of Lakes State has resulted in one fatality and eight individuals sustaining injuries.

Lakes State Police spokesperson, Elijah Mabor Makuac said while the general security situation in most parts of Lakes State remains calm and normal, a few isolated incidents, including Monday’s clashes, have been reported.

According to Mabor, the clashes occurred at approximately 1:00 PM in the Abarkou area of Cueibet County between the Jarwau section of Tonj East County in Warrap State and the youth of Cueibet County.

He said two separate clashes took place in the Abarkou and Makuei areas, both falling under the jurisdiction of Tiaptiap Payam in Cueibet County.

Tragically, one person lost his life in the clashes, and eight others sustained serious injuries.

The wounded individuals have been evacuated to a hospital in Cueibet County for necessary medical treatment, he said adding that the two sections involved in the clashes have been separated.

Mabor said the are currently conducting an investigation to determine the root causes of the conflicts.

He added that the government is actively working towards deploying additional security forces to take control of the area

However, the police spokesperson clarified that the reported casualties occurred solely on the Lakes State , and there is currently no information available regarding casualties on the Warrap State side.

Reports indicate that several houses were set ablaze during the clashes, with an estimated ten villages affected in the Tiaptiap Payam area, starting from Abarkou and extending to other nearby villages, according to the police.

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