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Ugandan arrested over wife’s tragic death

By Yang Ater Yang


The local authorities in Lakes State have taken a Ugandan man into custody for questioning after the death of his wife, identified as 30-year-old Veronica Acheng, in their home in Guolyar Town.

Lakes State Police spokesperson, Major Elijah Mabor Mabor, confirmed the incident and stated that the case is being treated as a suicide, though further investigation is underway to gather more details.

He said the circumstances surrounding the case are complex and require a thorough investigation, as the incident was reported on Sunday.

According to the initial information received, the couple, consisting of Veronica Acheng Tier from Aweil and her unnamed husband, had been indulging in excessive alcohol consumption over the weekend.

Even after the police were informed of her death, they discovered a significant amount of alcohol bottles in their residence in Guolyar.

Major Mabor explained that the husband was present in the same room where Veronica was found hanging. As a result, he was detained for further investigation.

“So, for this case her husband was arrested and the case needs to be investigated thoroughly because the victim was found hanging the same room they are using and the husband was inside,” he said.

He said the investigation is still ongoing, and authorities are committed to uncovering the truth behind the tragic incident.

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