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Fire guts Udhum market in Aweil West

By Hou Akot Hou


Over 100 shops were destroyed in a fire that ripped through Udhum Payam market in Aweil West County, Northern Bahr el Ghazal State on Tuesday.

The blaze, which reportedly began in a restaurant, quickly spread, engulfing homes and businesses in the vicinity, leaving residents and business owners devastated.

Local residents attempted to extinguish the flames, but their efforts were in vain and the fire had already caused significant damage.

Inspector of Police in the area, Col. Atak Wol Kiir, confirmed the incident, stating that the fire originated in a restaurant kitchen and rapidly spread to surrounding structures.

He reported that over 100 shops were destroyed.

“The fire erupted suddenly in one of the restaurants,” Col. Kiir said via phone from the scene. “As I speak, the market is still smoldering, and heavy smoke hangs over the area.”

“The cause of the fire is unclear, but we are actively investigating to identify any potential culprits responsible for these losses,” he added.

Mr. Kiir also mentioned ongoing efforts to determine the exact cause of the blaze.

He attributed similar incidents in the past to carelessness from cooks and children unaware of fire hazards.

This fire comes just one month after another blaze destroyed several shops in Maper-Akot-aru Market in Aweil Town, causing significant financial losses and leaving one individual with burn injuries.

The incident sparked anger among business owners due to the extensive damage sustained.

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