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Geng urges youth to embrace peace

By Charles K Mark


National Minister of Youth and Sports has appealed to armed youth across the country to renounce violence and actively participate in peace-building process.

Minister Dr. Joseph Geng Akec appeal on Tuesday in a brief meeting with the Vice President for Gender and Youth Cluster, Madam Rebecca Nyandeng De-Mabior.

The minister said that nation-building as a process requires all partners, including the youth, to engage in improving peace.

“We’d say embrace peace. Work for peace, build your capacities, go to the market, start a business, come with ideas, go to school, study, and protect your country,” Minister Geng urged.

He urged the youth to be patient, saying nation building requires time, hard work and tolerance.

“What we see across the country is violence where young people are involved. That needs to stop,” he echoed.

Geng revealed that his ministry is working to establish sports facilities and spaces where young people can participate.

“The ministry is also working hard with other partners to ensure that vocational training and other life skills training are provided to young people so they can access those life skills and train and earn a living,” the minister added.

He envisions youth engaging in mobilizing for peace instead of participating in violence.

Geng said the gender and youth cluster vice president is very aware of the three strategic priorities: sports, youth upskilling, and peacebuilding.

“She actually talked about the importance of the sacrifice of young people; we’ve seen that during the liberation, and it’s very important that these young people carry this sacrifice into nation-building,” the minister highlighted.


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