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Girl, 17-year-old commits suicide

By Yang Ater

A 17-year-old girl committed suicide by hanging in War-cuei village, Mathiang-kok Payam, Rumbek East County, Lakes State after physical abuse by her brother.

According to Police spokesperson Elijah Mabor, the incident took place at approximately 8:30 PM,
The police are currently conducting an investigation to ascertain the underlying cause behind the girl’s decision to take such a drastic step.

Initial reports suggest that the girl was subjected to physical violence by her brother, though the specific motive for the beatings remains under investigation.

Mabor said the brother of the deceased, believed to be responsible for the alleged abuse, is currently being questioned at the police station in Mathiang-kok area.

It is likely that he will be subsequently transferred to the Pacong Payam police station, where a formal investigation will take place.

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